We’re the Wannabes.
A content creator trio of ongakuu, Retrora, Syrmaa.

We talk about the workings of the internet, social media, and personal endeavors on growing a brand on said worldwide web.

We stream our podcast live on Twitch. | Fridays, every week at 3PM PST.

Our podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and many more.





Known for his Twitch music videos on YouTube, ongakuu has stapled himself into the history of Twitch’s content culture, as Twitch emotes and his use of EDM-genre based songs have swept across many streamers and chatrooms. He’s now spreading his animation and graphic design skills to further reaches on the internet.


A name now getting much recognition in the Twitch scene, Retrora is moving towards huge goals in both entertainment and content creation. Achieving Twitch Partner in just over 2 years, he aims to keep reaching further with all social media, and expand to more than just streaming.


Big into the Twitch emote culture, Syrmaa has placed himself onto the YouTube scene in creating videos in educating, learning, and discussing the latest Twitch developments. Though, he does want to venture into social media as a whole, and expand his content outside of Twitch.

For business inquiries, contact us at our respective emails.

ongakuu: contactwannabes@gmail.com

Retrora: contactretrora@gmail.com

Syrmaa: puddding852@gmail.com